Bullying Academy

Payment information

$499 Per School for the Academic Year


  • Annual subscription for the entire academic year including two contest cycles: September 1st-December 31st and January 1st-May 31st.
  • Access to all quizzes for each grade 4th-8th.
  • Scores for each participating student including a report detailing how they performed in certain categories.
  • A data report of scores for an entire school (upon request).

Payment Options

  1. PayPal: instant payment via credit card.
  2. Purchase Order: payment via check.

Return Policy: Subscribers can get a 70% refund upon notification by e-mail AND telephone within 30 days of purchase. Subscribers can get a full refund only if the Bullying Adademy is notified by e-mail AND telephone prior to start of the first contest of the school year.