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The Bullying Academy is Joining with Corporate America in Creating an Effective Response to Bullying

The founding of the Bullying Academy in 2011 was inspired by the needs of our digital youth generation and how they learn and experience the world. We reached 40,000 4th-8th graders in 900 schools during our first year of operation, with at least one school district in every state participating.

Corporations in many sectors including media, entertainment, and technology are beginning to respond with public awareness campaigns and products to assist in ending the culture of bullying. Members of the National Education Association (NEA) report that bullying based on a student's gender (20%), perceived sexual orientation (18%), or disability (12%) were of concern in their school. The very issues of workplace diversity and equality that corporations have been addressing for the past 20 years. Together, we can ensure that this generation of youth brings respect to their workplaces, colleges, families, and community.

The Bullying Academy's growth and success will come from strategic partnerships with corporations that can advance our marketing to teachers and students.

Become a Strategic or Culture Change Partner of the
Bullying Academy

The Bullying Academy Strategic Partners will be our top-level sponsors providing financial and in-kind services to ensure the program grows and fulfills its mission. Recognition and benefits packages will be developed to reflect the unique relationship and value of the contributions. Strategic partners commit to a multi-year engagement in order to ensure success in the following areas:

  • Multimedia Marketing Partner
  • Technology Partner
  • Communications Partner
  • Product Partner

Details may be found in our Bullying Academy Corporate Partnership Program brochure

Contact us today. Our experienced team looks forward to discussing the development of a high-impact corporate partnership with your company.

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Manager, Corporate Partnership Program
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Founder & Executive Director
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