Bullying Academy

Bullying Academy 7th Grade
B.A. March-April 2012 7th Grade - Pre-Quiz

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Results Last Updated (04/30/2012 11:02 PM)
National Standings By School
School Score State
Maryville Middle School 1465961 Tennessee
AA Demo School 196450 Florida
O'Gorman Junior High 186642 South Dakota
West Valley Junior High School 185289 Washington
Kaffie Middle School 183004 Texas
Moulton Middle School 181214 Alabama
Buckingham Middle School 181044 Virginia
Havana Junior High School 180212 Illinois
Thompson Middle School 179445 Rhode Island
Southwest Middle School 179126 North Carolina
Woodlands Middle School 178426 New York
Reeds Spring Middle School 178162 Missouri
Montmorency School 177617 Illinois
Kahler Middle School 176556 Indiana
South Asheboro Middle School 175712 North Carolina
East Palestine Middle School 175583 Ohio
Immaculate Conception School 174631 New Jersey
Churchland Middle School 174307 Virginia
Wamogo Middle School 174302 Connecticut
Baker Middle School 173264 Texas
West Prairie Middle School 172661 Illinois
Heritage Digital Academy 171776 California
Saint Nicholas Academy 168808 Ohio
St. Mary Catholic School 165529 Illinois
Martinsville Junior and Senior High School 164758 Illinois
Prieto Academy 164293 Illinois
Bayshore Middle School 164281 New Jersey
Happy Valley Elementary 164129 California
St. Therese 162200 Pennsylvania
Ross Beatty Jr/Sr High School 161610 Michigan
Owego Apalachin Middle School 160851 New York
Collins Middle School 158977 Texas
Penns Grove Middle School 157298 New Jersey
Holy Family Catholic School 156395 Kansas
Resurrection School 155998 California
Norwood Elementary School 150624 Illinois
P.S./I.S. 262 150220 New York
Spirit Lake Middle 145589 Iowa
Grace Episcopal Day School 144483 Florida
BEST Academy 144357 Michigan
Eastbrook Middle School 138936 Georgia
KAPPA IV 127954 New York
Aurora Junior High School 124632 Missouri
Mother of Divine Providence 124446 Pennsylvania
Riverbend Middle School 123776 Iowa
Jason Lee Middle School 121186 Washington
Horace W. Porter 119879 Connecticut
J.W.Williams Middle School 107210 Texas
Fairfield Middle School 102741 Iowa
Dayton Early College Academy 97775 Ohio
Forest Hills Consolidated School 90796 Maine
Sargent Central 80788 North Dakota
St. Agnes Academy 70369 Massachusetts
Greenville Junior High School 68587 Missouri
Kelton ISD 64849 Texas
Parkway Middle School 64216 California
San Lucas School 63313 California
Onslow County Learning Center 50845 North Carolina
Family Life Academy Charter School 37505 New York
Martin Middle School 33653 Tennessee
Washington Junior High and Academy 30231 Illinois
Sawgrass Springs Middle School 24597 Florida
Jupiter Middle School of Technology 19361 Florida
Ford Middle School 18911 Ohio
Hampton Academy 18777 New Jersey
Christian Brothers Academy 18110 New York
Harwich Middle School 16133 Massachusetts
Kankakee Valley Middle School 15958 Indiana
Jackson Milton 14877 Ohio
Trexler Middle School 13804 North Carolina
John Rolfe Middle School 13769 Virginia
Damascus Area School 9778 Pennsylvania
Independence Middle School 9664 Ohio
Muscle Shoals Middle School 9329 Alabama
The Laboratory Charter School 9235 Pennsylvania
Mount Baker Middle School 9176 Washington
Wilkerson Intermediate 9133 Texas
F.W. Gross Montessori Elementary School 8894 Texas
Saint Theresa School 8640 Pennsylvania
AA Demo Texas 8485 Texas
Saint Mary's School 8286 Illinois
Walter R. Sundling Junior High School 8246 Illinois
Bryant Middle School 8173 Arkansas
Fort Greely Middle School 8069 Alaska
Seabrook Middle School 7971 New Hampshire
Lakeside Alternative School 7942 North Carolina
Pine Ridge Education Center 7856 Florida
Charles R. Drew Middle School 7533 Alabama
Union County Middle School 7291 Georgia
Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School 7130 California
Blue Ridge Middle School 6791 South Carolina
Monroe Middle School 6603 Florida
Pasteur Elementary School 6345 Illinois
PS/MS 29 6012 New York
Labay Middle School 5869 Texas
Timberstone Jr. High 4354 Ohio
Phillipsburg Middle School 4124 New Jersey
Dr. E. Alma Flagg 2346 New Jersey
Lancaster Lebanon IU13 (CSSE) 2254 Pennsylvania
Orlando Science Schools 0 Florida
Sacred Heart Catholic School 0 Idaho
Baker Demonstration School 0 Illinois
Kanopolis Middle School 0 Kansas
Pocomoke Middle School 0 Maryland
Bay Shore Middle School 0 New York
P.S. 29 0 New York
Hamlin Middle School 0 Texas
New Lisbon School District 0 Wisconsin