Bullying Academy


Welcome to the Bullying Academy!

  1. Start by clicking the registration button.
  2. You must register under your school's name and must select the correct grade.
  3. Click "Register" and begin your pre-quiz.

Here at the Bullying Academy we would like to teach you how to deal with and prevent destructive behavior in the form of bullying, including cyberbullying.

Currently, unruly children are being sent to the principal's office for bullying other students. Often times these children are not aware of their destructive behavior and the effect it has on others.

Your mission:

How much do you know about bullying?
Would you recognize bullying if you saw it?
What would you do if you or a friend were being bullied?

These are all questions that you may think you are able to answer correctly right now, but some facts concerning bullying may surprise you. In order to solve the ongoing problem in your school, each student must graduate from the Bullying Academy.

Your mission is to collect all of the correct answers for the post quiz in the Bullying Academy scavenger hunt lessons. Once you have completed all of the lessons you will be taking the post quiz.